Tm D8000 Crash After Update Rom


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Nov 28, 2013
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tm d8000
Hi, I need help, as soon as possible, please. After changing battery of my TM D8000 I upgraded the rom with the files downloaded from this forum.
I loaded the file MAIN.mid with no problem; restarting the desk all was ok.
When I Loaded the file Panel.mid it erased and overwrited the data and all was ok.
Rebooting the desk, it crashed in all parts, display blue with no message, any control was out of order. Can Anyone could give a solution for solving this hard problem? Thanks a lot.
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same problemm ..
blank screen !!

someone have any info about ?

I just wanted to start my gear, but "Midi dump file cannot be started " appeared on the screen and I cannot do anything else. When I read your messages, I don't know what to do to avoid these problems you described.

looks its a battery thing you got .
i did midi upload twice .
first time everything was ok . but i did not uploaded panel.mid
second time i upload panel.mid and i m shure problemm come with this file.

b.t.w we have fix it. via reburn roms.

now it works.

I have same Problem.... CPU cannot be started.. midi dump..

Remote.mid... was ok

verifing.... writing ...... ...... done
verifing.... writing ...... ...... done
verifing.... writing ...... ...... done

and the demand for power cycle the TM-D8000

From this point, my TASCAM mixer died.
The display no longer shows the warning Midi Data Dump but a black screen with white horizontal lines .

The Main U 10 and U 11 are new...

and now??
yes . he is dead ...
If the panel ROM is corrupt, you can't fix it with MIDI files.
Probably needs a freshly programmed U3 ROM. (panel), but they are only sold in sets with the Main U10/U11 pair.

Something to try though is to short the battery (with a 1K resistor) for a few seconds to scramble the volatile memory contents, that can clear some errors.
Problem U3 installed...

Now Stereo Input 1-6 no Signal .. Meter show´s notting...

At Startup the Mixer show´s sometimes Fatal errror PB

when the Desk is cold...
Tascam Logo Scrolls random left to right or right to left..

Anybody an idea?
Your panel U3 is working, great!. The Tascam Logo scrolls the opposite way one time in 8 (I think that's what it was) - that's an Easter egg for you.
It looks like the Panel and Main aren't talking to each other yet - first check the cable between them - that could easily be damaged through repeated openings.
and you probably need to get the SRAM cleared, so get into the diagnostics menu to do that. (instructions are here somewhere).

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