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Oct 12, 2012
The Hague, Netherlands
Gear owned
Hi everybody,

I have one project in my DM that resist all attempts to make a backup in the TMC.
When I hit Backup, the TMC shows "Requesting Project information" and the DM's displays shows "Please wait, Data transfer in progress". Only way out is killing the TMC process (program not responding) and power down the DM. Backup works fine with all other projects.
Known problem?

Gr, Frans
Sounds like the file is corrupt. Try this:

Save your mixer settings to a New File Name (New Project/Name). Exit that file, load another one from your memory card. Then, open TMC and backup the New File Name you just made to TMC. That should probably do it. You can always rename the file afterwards if you want.


Thanks for your reply!
I tried your solution, but unfortunately the new file has the same problem. So it looks like there is something corrupt in the file itself (?). Storing and loading to/from the CF card however does work, without problems.

I managed to find the location of the corruption. I created a new project and one by one copied all the entries in all libraries, everytime backing up to PC. It turned out to be one of the eq library entries that caused the trouble. Since it was not an important one, I deleted it. Now backing up works fine again.

There must be a connection to a strange fenomenon that occurred a few days ago: on the eq screen, suddenly the eq curve fell back to -18 dB, like a wave from left to right. The encoder values remained unchanged, but the signal dropped. This happened in various channels, and only with the TMC running. And: after installing a new version of Norton IS!! After reïnstalling Norton, everything seems to be ok.

Gr, Frans
Interesting. I'll tellya something - I do NOT trust any antivirus software on my studio PC. I don't know what it's doing in the background, and like a burglar, could come crashing through my door at the worst possible time. :(

The downside, of course, is I don't 'surf' the interweb. The ONLY time I go online is to authorize some software, download or upload a client file. In fact, I don't have things like 'OutHouse' installed either; I use an 'offline' email account. That way, I shouldn't need anti-virus protection in the first place.

Another thought: your CF card could be a problem, too. It might be developing bad sectors, and since they're cheap, it's worthwhile swapping them out every so often.


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