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Jan 19, 2014
hayward ca
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Hi Tom

Phil here I got my Sx-1 from you about 5 years ago and I am happy to report that it is still working great.
I noticed folks posting mostly about issues with the units and or questions about how to add things that they think can be added.

I guess what I want to know is this.

What are the parts that can be found ? I have seen posts but could you in this post list them. I know their here but if there is a place where you could put them all in one post that would help. Even links would be helpful.

Are there any collectors that you know of besides wolf :) ? Or good leads to parts stock piles ? You know like that guy that has 10 because he bought them every time he saw one .

Do you have anything left over that you would sell to me? Things still there at the shop in Palo Alto? I would be interested in getting all of it for one price and would be happy to load up or clean out parts or old machines . Just running it by you and if it's no that's fine .

Thank you for your time in advance looking foward to hearing back when you have time to spare .


The last PSU was sold, and the last "shell" unit was trashed. We guarantee parts supply for 7 years past end of last sale, so any units we kept for spare parts have been picked clean.
In my media cabinet I have a few sticks of memory and some CPUs, and maybe some used hard drives, but that's it. I'm not able to sell these except through the proper TEAC parts chain, and it's not usually these parts that break anyway.

Amazon is a good source for new replacement hard drives:

I just bought three 80 GB Western Digital drives for $19.00 each. They work great.
One of my machines recently wouldn't get past the Fader "Calibration Complete" point in booting. Then I couldn't erase the drive and re-install OS 1.5.2 and guessed it was either the drive or a RAM stick. Got one drive and it fixed everythin so I ordered two more for when the other machines drive goes south and an extra spare. They also have compatible RAM for about $14.00 per 256MB stick.

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