Transfer files from DP03 to DP24


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Dec 26, 2013
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DP03 and DP24
Can anyone help?? I have a Tascam DP03 and a DP24. I am trying to transfer files from the 03 to the 24 with no success. They show up in the Audio Depot but when I try to open the file in the 24 it says File Not Found. I suspect it may be a Windows 8 issue. I believe the files need to be transferred as FAT 32 and I believe 8 is not compatible. I believe it's NTFS which may or may not be compatible. Any help would be appreciated.
Hey Kimusic70-did you ever get any information on this (or figure it out?). I have both a DP03 &DP24, I'm much more "skilled" on the DP03 and am just starting to work with the DP24-I'd like to try some of the songs I made on the 03 on the 24 to see if I could add parts, effects, etc. Just curious if you had an answer. Thanks-

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