Transferring files from DP 24 to Reaper and keeping the timing correct


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Feb 17, 2014
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I am new to using DAWs and don't know how to transfer my files from DP 24 to Reaper and keep the timing in the song. It seems when a file is transferred from the DP 24 it is just transferred as the recording but not at the right timing it was recorded in the song. Is there a way to fix this to when I transfer my tracks from the DP 24, the timing in the song when I recorded in on the DP 24 is correctly transferred to Reaper?
I don't know the DP-24, but the general rule to avoid timing problems with transfer, is to transfer complete tracks from start to end. This way all tracks will have the same length and automatically line up. This also means that a track containing just a couple of tom hits (for instance) at the end of the song, will take the same amount of data to transfer..

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