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Oct 14, 2013
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tascam DM3200

i have my DM3200 successfully linked as a control surface to Logic X. However the only thing not working as it should is, when I wish to stop recording, after pressing the "stop" key, the DAW jolts for a second and then carries on recording. i've also tried pressing STop simultaneaouly with a few other keys and that doesnt work either. I've tried in the LogiC X control surface preferences to get it to "learn' the new command. but to be honest, its a bit of a mess in there and it doesnt seem to learn it correctly. Although please instruct me, as i may be doing it wrong.

I had the same issue with Logic 9, too.

Remote mode on the Tascam is of course set to "MC for Logic".

Please help!

There is also the "key repet" box under all of the play, record, nudge options etc. in the same section I think under v pot and transport headings. IF your still having trouble I can post a pic of where it is as its a pain in a ass to find.

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