transport functions within the Model 12? E.g. "Fast forward" & "rewind" etc.


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Oct 13, 2023
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Hello everyone. I hope all's well, and that you can find a couple of minutes to help me.

I've bought a M12, and am getting on with it quite well (thanks to YouTube vids such as

However, one thing I'm having a bit of aggro with are the 12's transport functions. They're not as intuitive as the 424's. I just want to zoom forwards and backwards in a song.

I have word-searched the manual using "transport" and "forwards" etc. but got nowhere. There must be a digital term that I'm blanking on. What do we call fast forwards and transport and rewind in this day and age?? 😆

cheers guys
The Multi Jog dial can be used for scrubbing back and forth the timeline as described on page 22 of the manual. You can also place markers at relevant timestamps in the song and jump across them ("locate") using the Rew/FF buttons as described on page 23.
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Ah yes "locate" - I knew that one, but had forgotten it. Scrubbing is a new one on me, though.

The only scrubbing I know is "scrubbing in" new tyres on my kawasaki (which means being a bit careful for the first 50 miles or so, cos sometimes the mould's releasing agents can be slippery). 😆

Thanks for the help, though - much appreciated. I'll have a look at page 22 etc. ; - )
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Probably scrubbing is more typical in video editing, where the action of moving across the timeline is done with a knobby device called "jog shuttle". I think it translates well to audio editing :)
Let us know if you reached your target.
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I did not reach my target. ☺️

All I want to be able to do is zoom forwards and backwards within a song. So imagine I am listening to the part of the song around the 0:40 - it's a tricky part. I listen to it, and I think okay - now let's go to the next part of the song where that part happens again. Pretend that part of the song is 1:40. So I press the two rightwatd point arrows button (just beolw the righthand part of the main meter) - but nothing happens.

So then I thought well let's try the multi jog - I'll wind it clockwise a bit, and see if that takes me to somewhere around the 1:40 mark, but no. It doesn't.

I think I am doing something wrong. : - /
@Max Relic the above post you made will contribute to the sticky threads. Thank you very much for that.
As Max said, it's the 'press and keep pressed' part which is crucial.
Assuming the Model series behaves the same as the DP series, a simple quick press & release jumps to the next/previous marker, so if there are no markers set, it has no effect. A long press & hold acts like an old-school tape recorder, and the wind/rewind speed increases the longer you keep the button pressed.
@bobbydj, it is simpler than you think.
From the home screen (where you see the big song position numbers, if you are in the meter screen press the menu button once) press the Stop button; now press and keep pressed the Forward button (>>), you should see the song locator number advance as long as you keep the button pressed. Now press and keep pressed the Rewind button (<<), the locator number should progressively decrease.

Now press Stop again to zero the song locator. Turn the Jog dial clockwise, the locator should start increasing as much as you rotate the knob; turn the Jog counter-clockwise, the number should decrease.

Press Stop. Now click on the Jog dial, the seconds digits in the locator should be selected; click again and the minutes digits should be selected; click again and the hours digits should be selected. A further click returns to normal view (no digits highlighted).

Another method to move the (virtual) playhead is by Markers (chapter 8). Go to the menu and assign Marker function to the F4 button; during play or record press F4 to place a marker, then you will be able to jump between markers using the >> or << transport buttons.

Try one of these and have fun with your Model 12.

* The example refers to hh:mm:ss but it's the same if you set the display to bars and beats

Thanks for the helpful, informative and prompt reply. Invaluable.

I was simply on the wrong screen. I was on metering. I should've gone to the home screen.
Tascam manuals are haunted, every time you open them you might find something different.
Thus, if you don't find what you are looking for just close it, shake and reopen until it tells you the truth. :)
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