TSR-8 - so sooo broken. Where to fix?


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Oct 28, 2014
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Tascam TSR-8
Hi folks!
I have a TSR-8. I got it in the early '00's, had Wizard here in Atlanta fix it up to tip top shape, used it without issue for a few years - and then, during a move, a friend dropped it three feet, face down, onto the asphalt. Needless to say, I did the same!

So, for the past six years, it's been sitting around waiting for me to resurrect it. At one point, a band borrowed it and replaced the capstans but the play back was a mess and it doesn't record - I know, shocking!

Wizard have long since sold off their tools so they won't touch it. I'm about to go into a heavy recording phase and don't want to be limited to just digital means. Where in the continental US can I send it?

Thanks, folks!
Sorry to be the prophet of doom, but you may be better off buying another one and using the broken one as spare parts? The labour cost on these kind of fixes can really add up. The only other option is to find an older repair guy that may be semi-retired and would fix it cheaper.

Thanks, Alan. Yeah, I've been jetting around and seeing most of them for under 1k - I think you're right.

Of course, now comes the battle of finding tape. Thanks a LOT, Jeff Tweedy!
There are still two or three older repair guys around. They are here-
Russ Bachmann in New Jersey
Sam Palermo (Me) in Chicago
Adrian in CA.
Some of us non-spring chickens may not want to work on it but you an always call and find out.
I am reachable at Skywave Tape Deck Repair in Chicago area.
I repaired a TSR8 just last week.
A dropped on it face unit will have a lot of damage so it might be near $1000 for a repair- depends on what is bad.

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