Two DM-3200 connected via USB


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Mar 22, 2013

if I have two DM-3200 connected to the MACPRO via USB should I be able to configure both mixers as Makie control in Logic to control my DAW with a total of 32 faders or just only on mixer will be going to work as a remote DAW controller?

I'm doubting this will work even for audio - let alone for remote control. But I have zilch Mac experience or knowledge.
Thanks, what I would like to do is only for remote control and not for audio. I would like to be sure I could configure two Makie emulation with Logic connecting both mixers via USB.
A single DM3200 can emulate 2 Mackie Control units for 16 fader remote control, and a single DM4800 can emulate 3 Mackie Control units for 24 fader remote control.

You can find a setup document for doing this in Logic here:

I don't think if you use 2 DM3200 you can get more than 16, maybe you can get 24. But there are only I think 3 data ports total available for Mackie emulation control, and not sure what happens if you have 2 connected.
"not sure what happens if you have 2 connected."

Likely a conflict.

Seems to me if you have the Mackie Control set up correctly for one DM, you've got access to every single DAW fader available. So - how do two mixers improve this?

CaptDan (who's trying to figure out how to teach his DM to do taxes, make coffee, frighten away door-to-door salesmen, and win The Lottery.) :)
Yes, I guess a conflict could be possible.

Thanks for all your comments
I think this may answer the question - p113 of the DM4800 manual:

"Unlike the controller, fader and mixer functions, the control here is made through the “embedded” MIDI channels carried on the USB interface through ports 5, 6 and 7. Up to 3 virtual DAW controllers may be assigned in a DAW, each using a different MIDI port, allowing the 24 modules of the DM-4800’s control surface to be split into three groups of eight modules each, each representing a different device."

Unless you could remap the USB ports on the 2nd USB connection......
With both mixers connected via USB, the Mac will see 2 Mackie Controls from the first DM-3200 and 2 from the 2nd. Logic should be able to work with 4 MCs to give you hands on control of 32 channels.
Note that there is a problem switching to the remote layer when cascaded, we finally found and fixed it and will be releasing updated firmware.

The IF-FW/DMmkII driver can only recognize one mixer though, so you'd need to get audio from the 2nd unit into the Mac via ADAT or AES/EBU and another audio interface. (or with the busses cascaded, 32x32 might still be plenty)
Wow upgraded firmware!
RedBus will there be any other enhancements or fixes implemented in this firmeware release? When when! :)
There's no other enhancements for the firmware planned. We'll be releasing updated drivers (the sames ones I've been sending out as Beta) just as soon as our QA group gets on top of testing OS 10.9 drivers for the USB products. That's been a bigger headache than all the other OS upgrades.

thank you very much for your reply.
This sounds great and I will give it a try very soon.
From your experience, what about the master faders? Are they going to be mirrored?
Do you think the transport buttons will be going to work on both units or just only one?

Thank you for your support

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