Two working SX-1LE Plus Machines for Sale

Discussion in 'TASCAM SX-1' started by RussD, Jul 3, 2020.

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    Oct 2012
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    2 each SX1 LE Plus
    I have two functioning SX-1 LE Plus machines for sale. They have been located in a climate controlled studio for years and have functioned well over that time with only a few minor things needed to keep them running. Both have had the internal button cell battery replace twice, OS re-installed a few times, and at least once I have taken them apart to clean the interiors and apply Caig Labs Deoxit to all the pins on the cards.

    I have truly enjoyed using theses machines over the years but I have decided to close my studio as I am getting too old to do all the recording, cleaning an also maintain everything in tip-top shape that it needs to be in for paying clients. I have moved over to two systems that both use the Presonus Studio One 4.6 DAW. One system runs on an iMac with a Tascam US-16x08 for small or personal projects. The other system runs on a Mac Mini connected to a Presonus StudioLive 32S that runs in its DAW mode and is almost as user friendly as an SX-1 but it has all the modern conveniences for running plus-ins, etc. That system is now in place in my Argosy console where one of my SX-1 LE Plus machines used to reside.

    I also have a spare mother board, several drive bays with hard drives formatted for the SX-1's and easily swapped in and out.

    I'd like to get $600.00 each or both for $1000.00. I live in Bowie, Maryland (right between Washington, DC and Annapolis, MD. It would have to be some sort of pickup since shipping in any kind of container that would not get these things destroyed would cost more than they are worth.

    If anyone is interested please PM me with contact info.