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r robert brown

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Jan 31, 2015
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tascam uh-7000
please pardon the newbie question, but I can't seem to find a satisfactory answer in any of the documentation.

I have a Tascam uh-7000 and a cakewalk (roland) v-studio 100.

What I am wondering is, what functionality do I gain with the digital out (if any) of the Tascam uh-7000 into the digital (coaxial, digital in, channel 7/8) of the v-studio?

I am aware of the need to synchronize the internal clocks between the two devices. and am aware that I can run both devices( although i'm not sure if together, Tascam as audio interface, Roland as control surface?) using wdm/ks drivers vice asio.

the uh-7000 with all of it's high grade internal components lacks in the interface department. it would be great to get some mixer, control surface, extra input, di, etc. functionality out of (my swiss army knife) v-studio.

I know that my v studio will operate under Mackie protocol. does this open up any options I may not be seeing with my lack of signal flow knowledge?

it seems to me this "could" be similar to hooking up the v-studio to an octa-capture, utilizing the digital (s/pdif) connection and the usb of both devices.

any thoughts? thanks.

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