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Jan 20, 2014
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I've been trying to export a virtual track from my 2488 MKII to my iMac, and have had no success. I've got the manual in front of me and I've tried several times, to no avail. When I open the USB connection, the WAVE folder contains a lot of files that I've imported to the 2488, but none of the tracks I've tried to export today.
I go to WAVE IN/OUT, and select USB EXPORT, I select the track and hit INSERT before pressing YES, I choose my resolution (16 bit, in this case), and hit YES again. The display says EXPOR TO FAT?, again I say YES and wait for the process to complete.
I open the USB connection, look in the WAVE folder, and my tracks are no where to be seen. There's no way to view the FAT contents other than on a computer via USB, is that correct?
Any thoughts on my predicament will be appreciated. I have a friend across the country waiting for my track and I've run out of things to try.
When you say ‘no where to be seen' do you mean there are no files in the WAVE folder or you can’t find what you exported? One quirk with the export function is that if you have renamed a track, say Track 10 has been renamed BASS_DRUM, it will still export it as TRACK010 to the FAT partition, which can make it seem that nothing has been exported if you already have a lot of files in the folder (can’t see the wood for the trees!). Also if there is already a TRACK010 from a previous export it will get overwritten.
You can see what is in the WAVE folder direct from the 2488 if you use

Menu/Wave In_Out/USB-Import/Enter.

This will display a list of all the valid tracks in the FAT partition and you should be able to see the ones you just exported (but with their default track names) .
Try clearing the WAVE folder (copy it all to the PC if you want a back-up) and then re-export just one track and see what appears in the WAVE folder.
Ian -
Thanks for the valuable info!
When I use your technique and look at the WAVE folder within the 2488, I see the tracks I've attempted to export today. When I look at the WAVE folder on my iMac when connected via USB to the 2488, I see all the files I've imported over the years, but none of today's export attempts. So, these two folders don't seem to have any files in common. Does that make sense?
The folder on the 2488 is called USB import, BTW, not export. Also, I don't see how to clear it; highlighting a file and hitting DELETE doesn't do it.
Did you mean to clear the folder on the 2488 or the one I see on the iMac?
I meant clear the one you see via the iMac - I don't think you can delete files from the fat partition using the 2488 other than by re-formatting the fat partition, via DISK/FAT REFORM. Maybe that it would be worth doing that in case there is some corruption in the FAT that is stopping the iMac seeing everything. Just tried that myself and exported a single track using 16bit mode. All worked fine.

Could there be something about the setup of the file explorer on the iMac that is hiding those files?

One other thought. What about burning the track(s) to the CDR (WAVE IN OUT / CD EXPORT) and then putting the disk in the iMac and copying it from there? A bit cumbersome but it might be a work-around the problem.
Success at last! I burned the files on the iMac's WAVE folder to a CD and then cleared it. Also, I reformatted the FAT on the 2488.
I went through the USB export procedure again and it worked just as advertised. So, I may never know where the problem was but it's not there anymore.
Much thanks, Ian!
Great news!


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