Unable to get audio INTO my DAW


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Sep 29, 2012
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DM3200 DM24
I use Digital Performer 8

I downloaded the latest drivers from Tascam's site onto my system. Mac Pro 10.7.2

My routing is in DM3200:

Slot1-1 threw to Slot1-8 (tracks 1-8)
Slot1-9 threw to Slot1-16 (tracks 9-16)
Slot1-1 threw to Slot1-8 (tracks 17-24)

I've set my CORE AUDIO to the IF-FW/MKII

I go back into Digital Performer, set all my INPUT STREAMS 1-24, I pick a track to RECORD ONTO, I see a level from my MIC (Channel 1, M/L 1 on the meter of th DM3200) however, nothing is being RECORDED. ????????

My line goes across the screen, yet when I stop it, it's a FLAT NON PRODUCTIVE LINE. (no recording)

Can someone help me as to where I went wrong.
ok, I solved my own problem,

solution: go to ROUTING page, then select INPUT BYPASS, check M/L, then change the SLOTS accordingly 1-8 (M/L 1-8), Slot 9-16 (M/L 9-16) etc etc

HOWEVER: with the buffer at 512, the latency is bad, as I shortened it, down to 64 or 128, my system says, It can't keep up. But as I stated when I turn it back up I can record fine, it's just the latency------ Any fix for that.

64 or 128 it says something along the lines, Please raise buffer setting, not able to keep up with something something

512 when i sing, there's that after effect, basically latency. I can hear myself but I know when recording clients this may throw them off a bit.
Best way to deal with latency: don't deal with it. :)

Use your DM's input to monitor instead of the DAW. Choose a DM input fader and route your M/L to that. Say you've set your input bypass to M/L#1. You can use the input Channel #1 ( or any other desired channel by routing M/L#1 to it ), assign that channel to the DM's Stereo Bus, and MUTE your DAW's recorded channel. This way, you're monitoring the input being recorded alongside everything else. Zero latency. You can add 'verb to that channel, compression - EQ - whatever you want, and it won't be printed to D.P's track.

After the track is laid, UNmute D.P's track to audition it. Repeat as necessary.


Im trying thoroughly to understand how to maneuver this, yet I may have stumbled upon something.

Though I set my count at 32 ch. with the FIREWIRE card, Im only using 24, so I chose one of the channels from 25-32, I chose CH-27 as a INP (M/L 1)-----------There wasn't anything set to this channel at all.

I was able to ROUTE (MIC LINE 1 using DIRECT BUSS out) into Ch. 1 of Digital Performer 8, I could hear myself clearly (no LATENCY) and playback was fine as well to.

So I think I'm good.

Was that close to what you were talking about ?????
Yes, from what you describe it does.

The main thing is, you're able to monitor whatever it is you're recording without the signal being fed BACK to the mixer from the track being recorded. That's where latency occurs.

At some point, the inevitable question arises:

"How do you perform punch-ins when the track being repaired is muted?"

The answer depends on the capabilities of your DAW, whether you or the talent minds a brief period of latency while the track is being repaired, and other factors.
Here's the way I deal with it using ProTools:

1. Edit out the offending section.
2. Duplicate the track to a new track; erase the duplicate material.
3. Set the transport to AutoPunch, monitoring the input through the DM
4. Repeat as necessary.

Alternate method:'

Using ProTools' Playlist and Loop Recording functions, simply lay a series of takes, then comp those together to create one good take.

I'd like to hear how others deal with this with their DAWs, when zero-latency monitoring through the DM .

Actually what I do is:

Record VOCAL (using CH. 27) using M/L-1 into CH.1 of DP8

in my DAW (Digital Performer) after recording the VOCAL, I then DRAG that to where I want it. (1---24 in DP8 corrolates with 1---24 on my DM3200).

So if I drag it to 16, it will be on track 16 on the DM.

And as for messups or whatever, ERASE the offending piece, have the (ARTIST) then follow along (to catch same momentum) REC, then STOP.
drag and edit that piece into the existing corrected piece.

When I can afford Pro-Tools, I will get it, but Im happy right now with DP8, same stuff, if you ask me. I have Logic 9 on another system ( i like that too) but my baby is DP8.

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