Unable to record on all 8 tracks on the Tascam DP-03


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May 23, 2024
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Hi All. Does anyone know whether the DP-03 imposes a size limit for songs? My song currently has seven tracks and I want to record onto Track 8. The song is only about 5 minutes long. I can hear the input through the monitors while recording and the meters indicate that the signal is loud enough, but the track remains empty during playback. Thinking that it may be a hardware issue, I opened another song, and recorded on Track 8 without a problem. I would be grateful for any suggestions.
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I don't own this model portastudio, but all 8 tracks should be available for recording (per the owner manual section on assigning inputs).

Since you're following the instructions found in the "Assign Inputs" section with no joy, rather than trying to diagnose an unknown cause, I would just export the seven tracks to a new song and go from there, recording your new material on track 8.
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I would try duplicating an existing track onto track 8. If for some reason the song file is corrupted the duplication should fail, but if it completes you can then erase track 8 and retry live recording onto it.
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