Upgrade OS to v2.0 method using USB to Midi?

Discussion in 'TASCAM DM-24' started by stevezen, Jul 11, 2016.

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    Oct 2015
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    Has anyone attempted and/or had luck updating to OS version 2.0 using a USB to MIDI adapter? Have researched this til I'm silly, but so far only have found only one person off forum, who thinks it might work. Win XP with the service packs handles USB/MIDI just fine, but since Tascam officially recommends the soundcard/midi adapter method (eons ago, back in the day) it's difficult to believe someone hasn't successfully done and written it up. I would have to scramble to run down the Windows Media player v7.1, but even that shouldn't mater too much. The USB to MIDI adapter would be reliable and shouldn't feed the update to the board any faster than it can take it; taking 45 minutes does seem pretty ancient. It's only an anternative means of routing the midi file through a midi file player and adapter into the DM-24. I'd love to try it, but hate to be wrong. As the board isn't supported, then the method that was once officially sanctioned, would no longer be supported either! I'd rather do it the archaic official means, rather than have the old hardware give out halfway through the procedure, then have to see if I can find the folks in de, to have a couple of new bios chips burned and shipped cross the pond. I'm gratedful for any PMs or replies via the forum.