US-144 MKii losing audio on playback..need help!


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Feb 13, 2013
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Tascam US-144 MKII
Hi all, I'm new to this forum so greetings to you all.

I have some trouble with my recently purchased US-144 MKII interface so I need some help from you. Here's what my trouble is:

When using headphones for listening to music from my laptop I am suddenly losing audio for 4-5 seconds (it's like the audio is fading out to complete silence and then reappearing at once) on every 3-4 minutes of playback. Can anyone help me on this issue? Running Windows 7 32bits. All playback and recording settings are being routed through the interface.

P.S. When using the interface in DAW for monitoring and playback the recording sessions I DO NOT have this problem.


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