US-144 MKII with Yosemite MacOS

Sunith Balan

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May 12, 2014
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US-144 MKii

Did anyone try US-144MKII with the latest Yosemite?
I did try and it works partially. When connected the input and output works for few minutes before which the signal stops.

Are there any new updates coming for US-144 MKII on Yosemite to fix this issue?

Working fine here, play & record for over an hour. 10.10 on 2011 Mac Mini.

Hey Redbus,

I am using the 3.00d14 beta driver that you had sent earlier for Mavericks.
I used it for more than an hour. Mostly playing and recording through garage band. When I start, there are no problems. After few mins of recording/playing, signal stops. Then i go to preferences and then select the input/output to built-in and then change back to US-144. Then again it works for sometime.
This is on 2010 13inch macbook pro running Yosemite.

Open the console log (under Applications/Utilities), and see if there are any system level errors occurring that coincide with when the audio drops out.
I think these are the errors which occur:-

11/14/14 9:21:06.237 AM coreaudiod[217]: DoIO in: @ 375015 No Frames Available!
11/14/14 9:21:06.237 AM coreaudiod[217]: @687224 WriteOutputData blanc!
11/14/14 9:21:06.240 AM coreaudiod[217]: DoIO in: @ 375018 No Frames Available!
11/14/14 9:21:06.240 AM coreaudiod[217]: @687227 WriteOutputData blanc!
11/14/14 9:21:06.243 AM coreaudiod[217]: DoIO in: @ 375021 No Frames Available!
11/14/14 9:21:06.244 AM coreaudiod[217]: @687230 WriteOutputData blanc!
11/14/14 9:21:06.246 AM coreaudiod[217]: DoIO in: @ 375024 No Frames Available!
11/14/14 9:21:06.246 AM coreaudiod[217]: @687233 WriteOutputData blanc!
11/14/14 9:21:06.249 AM coreaudiod[217]: DoIO in: @ 375027 No Frames Available!
11/14/14 9:21:06.249 AM coreaudiod[217]: @687236 WriteOutputData blanc!
11/14/14 9:21:06.252 AM coreaudiod[217]: DoIO in: @ 375030 No Frames Available!
11/14/14 9:21:06.252 AM coreaudiod[217]: @687238 WriteOutputData blanc!
11/14/14 9:21:06.255 AM coreaudiod[217]: DoIO in: @ 375032 No Frames Available!
11/14/14 9:21:06.255 AM coreaudiod[217]: @687241 WriteOutputData blanc!
11/14/14 9:21:06.258 AM coreaudiod[217]: DoIO in: @ 375035 No Frames Available!
I don't think this is a driver problem. Do you have an aftermarket SSD or other upgrade in that machine?
Could it be as simple as your hard drive being worn out and slow?
No SSD or other upgrade..
But the problem started exactly after Yosemite upgrade. Had the issue been hard drive being slow, then the problem shld have come before with Mavericks as well
I am still getting errors and not able to use US-144 MKII on yosemite.
Help pls

3/25/15 11:14:04.234 PM coreaudiod[263]: PtASPlugInDevice::ptDoIOOperation starting operation 5479564 initialInFramePos 2167692 inFramePos 394440 avail -19695866
3/25/15 11:14:04.234 PM coreaudiod[263]: DoIO in: @ 406443 No Frames Available!
3/25/15 11:14:04.234 PM coreaudiod[263]: @5479564 WriteOutputData blanc!
3/25/15 11:14:04.236 PM coreaudiod[263]: DoIO in: @ 406445 No Frames Available!
3/25/15 11:14:04.237 PM coreaudiod[263]: @5479567 WriteOutputData blanc!
3/25/15 11:14:04.239 PM coreaudiod[263]: DoIO in: @ 406448 No Frames Available!
Red Bus,
could send me a driver that works with my US-144MKii? My system is OSX Yosemite. My email is
Red Bus, installed the driver. I can send signal to the computer, a microphone or guitar. However, it seems that the board does not receive sounds via USB. For example, if I use a VST, I can not hear anything. What could be happening?
I add that on the same computer have another partition with snow leopard, where my US144Mkii works fine. So, I do not know why in Yosemite the output no works.

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