US-144MKii with Mavericks OS

Sunith Balan

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May 12, 2014
Bangalore, India
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US-144 MKii
I have the same problem few other users had complained
I have US-144MKii with Mac OS - Mavericks
Versions on the Tascam control panel (Driver 3.00 d8, firmware 2.03)
and midi setup is Core Audio as mentioned in the manuals.
The input is working, but output does not work.

Infact, I have formatted the mac and installed mavericks from scratch. Hence there are no chances of old versions present.

What could be wrong?/
Send me a PM with your email address, I have a beta version for testing.

Having the exact same issue (US 144 MKII on Mavericks w/ Latest Driver, etc) --- No Output ! Any chance I could try your Beta RedBus ? Any help greatly appreciated -- Thanks in advance !
I have newer drivers for Mavericks for the US144mkII, I'll put it on my web page on Monday. (4 day weekend here for July 4th, Whee)
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I am brand new to the US144mkII and to this forum. RedBus, could you let me know how to contact you so that I can get access to the new drivers? I use a Mac and am running OSX10.9.3 . Many thanks.
Did anyone get this to work with a US-122mkii and mavericks 10.9.4?

I loaded up the driver for my US-122mkii that RedBus mentioned in the post above but I am still getting the "no output" issue.

Any thoughts?

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