US-1641 Firmware update 1.02 FAIL on driver 3.00db Mavericks


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Jan 8, 2014
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Hi guys,

I'm writing as having problem updating the firmware for the new 3.00db OSX Mavericks only. I was waiting over 2 months for Tascam to release the new drivers but when download it and install and restart then appears that I have the 1.01 firmware which is normal I assume. According to Tascam's guides see here:
( ... omdoc_d(bk)_revb2.pdf) - for the new driver I should use and update to 1.02 firmware for my interface to work. Sadly when I download and run the new update it says: 'writing..' and then shows the process (blue line) the half way through and says : failed to do the update - unplug the device now..

any help on this? :shock:

Thanks in advance

Hi Guys
I have an identical problem updating the firmware to v1.02 except that I am running osx10.8.5 mountain lion. The write starts and the blue bar gets about half way then stops and the message write failed unplug device appears. I have contacted Tascam but all i received was an automated acknowledgement. Meanwhile my projects are all at a standstill. If anyone has a suggestion grateful to hear from you. I have already tried deleting the drivers and started from scratch carefully following the instructions but to no avail
Same problem here! I lost my digital "ins" after switching from Vista to Mavericks(yes I updated the drivers). I really don't feel like buying a whole new interface!
Same issue on Yosemite. So tried going from 1.00 to 1.01 and you don't get the half blue bar it just fails. I thought I might have to step up. Did anyone figure this out?

I may try and do the firmware upgrade on a Windows machine. Need to borrow one first!

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