US 1641 problem with Acer laptop


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Apr 23, 2013
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US 1641
Hi. I have just bought a Tascam US 1641 off Ebay. I can not get it to work properly with my Aver V3-571 Laptop. I have tried the device on my PC and it works perfectly.

The problem:

The sound from the device of distorted real bad, windows sounds are crackly and distorted and when I try to record a track in my DAW the sound is distored and echoes.

Things Iv tried to make it work:

I suspected it was a Windows issue so I installed Vista on the laptop. The problem is the same on both.
I have tried different USB ports, Iv tried various versions of the driver and firmware. Iv tried my DAW in compatibility mode's etc all to no avail.

I'm a bit stuck as what to do next. I bought the device specifically to use with this laptop. The laptop is very new and powerful so would have been ideal for recording my band live.

I'm starting think there is a compatibility issue with one of the components of the laptop. I have googled for possible known issues but there is surprisingly little information about this device available on the forums.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is now making me mad!
hi i had the same issue and after installing the newest driver from tascam i all was good audio wise, now my new problem is that i can not control my vst plugins the midi keyboard is not working on my laptop, but on my pc works fine and its the same interface i just unplug and plug back in

i hope it helps you

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