US 16x08--any way to mute sends?

Discussion in 'USB PC Audio Interfaces and Control Surfaces' started by waltblanc, May 20, 2021.

  1. waltblanc

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    May 2021
    Has anyone found a way to stop the sends on the US 16x8 from also appearing on the main outputs? Whether it's sending out a separate headphone mix or routing tracks to an external effects unit, the "send" signal is also sent to the main mix output.
    Unchecking the "computer out to stereo bus" box in Tascam's setting panel works, but it also prevents you from monitoring your live signal, which isn't too helpful in the studio.
    If, for example, you're re-amping a DI bass track, is there a way to monitor JUST the live track without also having the DI track's send blended in?
  2. Sacco_Belmonte

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    Sep 2021
    Tascam 16x08
    You do that by either muting the channels in the Tascam settings panel mixer, they only mute the direct signal (zero latency section)

    If you wanna mute the channels coming from the PC's DAW you need to mute those from within your DAW.

    That way you get either sound you want.

    I did it that way for over 15 years on my now retired Presonus Firestudio project interfaces I used till now, which were quite flexible units in terms of the mixer.

    You do it exactly in the same way with the 16x8