US 16x08 Teamspeak and Steam Issue | Windows Audio Session


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Feb 11, 2024
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US 16x08
Hi there, I have my US 16x08 for a few years now. It works like a charm. Does everything finde in my DAW and works fine for normal Desktop work too. Well sometimes it bugs out and oyu have to restart. But that is more of a Sound Driver issue after working in a DAW for a long time.
But all of a sudden it doesn't work in Steam anymore. It just doesn't produce any sound from my mic. I suspect Windows Audio Session could be the problem. Because in TeamSpeak the Tascam would not work with the Recodingmode "Windows Audio Session" only with "Direct Sound". Wich will be a problem in the future, because TeamSpeak is no longer supporting "Direct Sound". In TeamSpeak 5 it's no longer an option to switch to. I dread the day they update Teamspeak to no longer suport "Direct Sound".
And now with it not working at all in Steam I suspect something similiar.
I already checked so much. Like permission for Steam and different Hz. Tested it with other hardware and it works instantly in Steam. I'm quite at a loss here. Seems like the only solution would be other hardware for me.
Any of you guys run into the same problem?

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