US-1800 16x4 Not Showing Connected

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    Oct 2019
    Tascam US-1800 16x4
    Hey all! I want to preface this with that im only 14 and do not have a lot of experience with high end audio equiptment the only audio interface i have experience with is the Scarlet Solo. So just recently had a uncle of mine give me a Tascam US-1800 16x4 USB2.0 Audio Interface. I plugged it in last night and tried to install the drivers and it gave me this error [ERROR: Timeout] 0x0005. I went to device manager and the unit wasnt showing as if it was even connected to my laptop (A Thinkpad T440P). I noticed that the USB indicator was lit up orange even when i had unplugged the usb cable from the unit. There wasnt any noticeable smell of burning or sounds coming from it nor was it getting hot. Ive been looking online and i have found people reporting it giving an "usb port overheated" error but i am getting nothing of the sort. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. I am installing driver version 2.07rc1 on Windows 10 Pro Build 18362.356 Version 1903.

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