US-1800 terrible latency problem.


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Dec 2, 2013
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US 1800
The setup: Toshiba laptop, 8 gigs ram, 64 bit OS (Win 7) 500 gb hd.
Dual core 1.4 ghz.

I downloaded the 64 bit driver and had recorded a tune with guitar using 2 mics with 2 mono tracks.

So I had the monitor pot at about halfway, listening live and through the box. When I first did the recording, it sounded fine.

But going to the second song, now there is this horrible half second or more delay between the two, live Vs through the box. I had done nothing to either the laptop or the 1800 differently from the first tune.

It is obviously going to be impossible to add a track and get things sync'd up with that much delay or latency, not sure which it is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Have recording session coming up with my band and really need help! Thanks. Don.

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