US-2000 and Sonar Producer 8


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Oct 9, 2013
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Tascam US-2000
I just bought the Tascam US-2000 USB interface and I've got it set up in Sonar 8 Producer, but there is no sound during playback. I can record, and I can listen to other audio (iTunes, YouTube) but in Sonar there is no sound. Anybody know what's going on? What I'm doing wrong?

I have a US1800 and had a similar problem, and I loaded also Producer 8, I went to audio and looked at the drivers and found the sound card audio was included in the mix of drivers. I unclicked those and got my audio playback. I found out the hard way when I had recorded stuff with mic's and had a waveform so I knew I was recording but what I found was the internal mic on my laptop was doing the recording because it was defaulting to the soundcard but there was no audio on playback. I went to control panel and found the audio card was still default, had to reset it to the US1800 in my case and you probably have to do the same but of course for 2000 drivers.

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