US-20x20 DAW audio crackles then stops until driver reset

Discussion in 'USB PC Audio Interfaces and Control Surfaces' started by andy999, Dec 1, 2019.

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    Jul 2018
    Hi all,

    I'm hoping for some help troubleshooting a problem I've been having since I got the US-20x20. I suspect it's a problem with the driver, but reinstalling doesn't fix it and I'm a little out of my depth.

    I'm using the 20x20 as my interface with Ableton Live. When I boot up live, it works fine for a few minutes, then the audio starts to crackle for 5-10 seconds and then cuts out entirely. The meters in Live continue to move, but they don't seem to be responding to a signal - they just bobs up and down repetitively.

    I can temporarily restore the audio by going to audio settings and deselecting then reselecting the US-20x20 ASIO driver, but the problem repeats itself in pretty short order.

    I'm using Windows 10, which I've installed over the top of a previous Windows 7 install. I had the same issue on Windows 7.

    Any help greatly appreciated!