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Nov 8, 2012
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morning everyone,
I have recently been through the process of upgrading my studio.
I am now running a Windows 7 64bit machine with Cubase 6.5 64 bit.
I have always fancied a us-2400 control surface and as luck would have it my friend decided to sell his and let me borrow it for a couple of weeks.
My concerns about it not working with my setup were unfounded and after a bit of fiddling it all worked as advertised (after a 1.31 update).
I have since then stripped and rebuild the studio and now I cannot get the Tascam to work correctly.
My question - does anyone have a 'foolproof' way of plugging in the Tascam and assigning the Mackie Contol devices within Cubase.

I have figured out that moving the USB cable after plugging it in means i'll normally have to re-assign the Mackie Control within Cubase.
So - my method involves plugging in the Tascam power and new USB port with Computer on. Observe driver being assigned. Turn on Tascam power whilst selecting 'SEL' and 5 to boot into Steinberg mode.
Then in Cubase set up a MIdi track, waggle all of the fader in turn to determine which of the 6 USB us-2400 ports correspond to which bank of 8. On my unit US2400 = faders 17 to 24, US2400/2 = 9 to 16 and US2400/3 = 1 to 8.
Then Cubase,Devices - Mackie Control and assign the Fader banks accordingly for the first 3 and let USB ports 4-6 sort themselves out.

Having done this I am now see all 3 fader banks mirror each other when moving slider 1, and moving Cubase mixer not necessarily making the Tascam sliders move.

I am in the advantageous position of knowing it does all work, but dont know what colour socks I should be wearing today to enable it to happen.

Can anyone help with why its not currently working correctly?
many thanks
just in case anyone else needs the answer - after much head scratching i came across the following which worked perfectly. tascam now all fine.
havent had the nerve to unplug and re-install yet tho :)


To get the most out of the US2400 we need to set the controller to 'Steinberg Mode'.
1. Press the Power button to disable it, power button starts flashing;
2. Hold down the SEL button, hold down the AUX 5 button en press the power button.
It will stay in this mode even after the power has been switched off.

Start Cubase and go to the devices menu. Use the + sign to add a device. We will need three 'Mackie Control' devices and two 'Generic Remote' devices and connect them to the correct MIDI Ports (USB Audio Devices).

Mackie Control - USB Audio Device - USB Audio Device => Midi Port 1
Mackie Control - USB Audio Device 2 - USB Audio Device 2 => Midi Port 2
Mackie Control - USB Audio Device 3 - USB Audio Device 3 => Midi Port 3
Generic Remote - USB Audio Device 4 - USB Audio Device 4 => Midi Port 4
Generic Remote - USB Audio Device 5 - USB Audio Device 5 => Midi Port 5

Port 1 is used for the section containing the first bank of 8 faders;
Port 2 is used for the section containing the second bank of 8 faders;
Port 3 is used for the section containing the third bank of 8 faders;
Port 4 is used for the joystick;
Port 5 is used for all of rotary encoders but only when the CHAN button is selected;
Port 6 is used for SoftLCD, you must disable this one in the Device Setup of Cubase. Set the state to Inactive in the MIDI Port Setup or SoftLCD will not work. First start SoftLCD and then Cubase. Basicaly you will see the panpot and the name of the track in the LCD per channel.

If the US2400 does not seem to respond or the Cubase settings do not seem to be configured properly at a later time, make sure to use button apply each time before adding a new device and also before closing the 'device setup' window.

Or try this,
- Close Cubase;
- Power off the US2400;
- Power on the US2400 and check if the AUX-5 flashes;
- Start Cubase;
- Add a VST instrument (F11), add a midi channel, connect midi channel to the VST instrument;
- Open up the mixer (F3) and you should see the US2400 respond
- a volume fader goes up or down now, right?
I'm having trouble with my US2400. For some unknown reason, it can suddenly drop out, as in one minute it works fine and the next totally non-responsive which means I then have to save my Cubase project, quit, shut down the computer and then restart everything. Sometimes it doesn't happen and I can be recording up to 8 hours. Any ideas ?

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