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Dec 7, 2013
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Anyone got any idea why my Tascam US2400 keeps on disconnecting from Cubase 7.5 ? I'm running W7 64b, I've noticed it seems to happen when the CPU spikes but not every time ?
Try putting your Mackie Devices in compatibility mode from the main menu. I'm using a DM3200 with Cubase 7.5 and the Mixer section is very similar to the US2400 and I am not having any issues.
Cheers for that cmaffia, can you send me a screen grab of where / what you mean ? Last night it disconnected and then I got it back on for a bit, but then the CPU glitched / spiked and jbridge stopped working, so I've updated jbridge but my system is going to get the BIOS updated by a friend.

Thanks again
Last night was the first time I've received a pop up box saying that jbridge had crashed, so I don't know what's been happening all the other times. The bizarre thing is, you just don't know when it's going to happen, it could be 20 mins or 6 hours. Tascam told me to re install the drivers and it took me several attempts to get it working again, including losing the settings in C7.5, although I've done it so many time now I know what they are.

If you could send me a screen grab of the " Mackie Devices in compatibility mode from the main menu " that would be very helpful.

Changing that setting wont fix your problem. In Cubase under devices choose Mackie Device and change all 3 of your Mackie devices to "Compatibility". Again it sounds like a software issue with your plugins. Can you test as I suggested by bypassing your preferences and/or using the 32 bit version of Cubase? This conversation probably would be better served in Steinberg's user forum to be quite honest. I don't believe this is a Tascam issue.
cmaffia, I will try what you suggested when I get my system back, my friend has taken it to update the BIOS and make sure everything is OK because I forgot mention

I had a boot up problem also last night when the overclocking failed to kick in. I've also discovered today that jbridge have released an update so I've sorted that.

I don't have another system with the 32b version of Cubase unfortunately so that's not possible. I do think you are also correct in that it's a DAW / Cubase issue as my FW-1884 works flawlessly. If only I could find a couple of FE-8 expanders I'd probably ditch the US-2400.

I must thank you again for all your help, even these few suggestion might bring me closer to solving the issue.

Cheers :)
You may want to not overclock either at this time and not deviate from the norm in general until you get things running as they should again... then add back each change incrementally and test in order to find out what is causing the issue.
Good point, I was actually running the system on power save which I thought was causing the CPU spikes. I've read on several forums about people having issues, I always thought my system was more than enough to cope.

I will be trying all of these things when I get my system back. If you can think of anything else please feel free to suggest. Many thanks :)
All power management should be disabled for everything... Hard drives, USB, cards..etc in a DAW environment
Yeah man did all that at the very beginning but will take another look to make double sure..
Update. Had my DAW BIOS and other updates done, plugged it in and for some reason the USB 3.0 ports weren't working. So I figured, I'll just plug everything into the 2.0 ports and ask my mate later why they've been disabled.

But, to my amazement, since I'm only using the 2.0 ports, the Tascam desk is working! I've had my system on today for over 7 hours and it's never missed a beat. So it would appear that it's been a conflict between the 2.0 & 3.0 ports. Fingers crossed & touch wood :)

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