US-322 with OS X 10.9 Mavericks


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Jan 21, 2014
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So I recently purchased a US-322 because my mbox 2 mini stopped working when I upgraded to 10.9 maverick. When I looked up online for another alternative interface that runs with 10.9, I came across the US-322. The price was right so I snagged it. However when I took it home and installed the new beta drivers, I still could not get the interface to run fully functional. However when I hooked it up to two other computers that didn't have 10.9, it worked perfectly fine. I can not get no output signal coming out of the interface. So I was wondering if I did something wrong or is this one of the common problems that US-322 users whose running maverick currently face? Please and thanks for your help in advance.
I tried installing the latest driver V3.00d10 ß (OS X Mavericks only) and the latest firmware V1.02 but my MacBook Pro of 2009 doesn't recognize it. Inputs on "INTERFACE" are disabled except "LINE OUTPUTS 1-2"

Please help!!!
Same problem here guys, I can get the signal (mic or guitar) into the Mac but nothing back through the headphones or line out. I've emailed Tascam Operational Support but am awaiting a response.
After numerous emails back and forth to Tascam Support I was assured that there was not a problem with the driver . I tested the unit by installing it onto an old Windows laptop....It worked fine. I installed the Mavericks drivers on my girlfriends Macbook and it worked fine.....I restored my Mac to a time before any Tascam drivers installation. It took all afternoon and when i re-installed the Mavericks driver IT DIDN'T WORK. WTF is going on.??????
I suspect this Mavericks driver doesn't work well with "old" Macs... for instance I have a 2009 MacBookPro...
Do you think so? Mine is an Imac from 2009 as well. It worked fine on my girlfriend's MacBook Air which is late 2010.
I'm almost sure. Even darealskyth owns a 2009 MacBookPro and has the same problem… I know it sounds strange but probably it depends on the hardware… I'll make test on never Macs and I'll keep you informed.
Nice one mate, I'll do the same my son has an "old" Macbook pro and the Macs at work are the same as my own.
Just installed it on my sons Macbook (mid 2010) and it worked perfectly. I was kinda hoping it wouldn't work. did you install the drivers from the CD ROM first? maybe when uninstalled prior to Mavericks driver they left something behind.....I don't know. It is really annoying.
A new driver for US-322/US-366 on Mavericks is coming soon, should fix the audio out problems that only shows on some Mac models.

Just tested with a 2013 iMac, it works very fine (I downloaded the drivers from Tascam website). Anyway, I can't wait for the new driver!
I have a us144mkii interface. In my old macbook white 2009 it crashes all the time. I'll test in my 'new-old-macmini 2011' to see what happens.
New driver is on the Tascam site version 3.01. Have not tested it fully but my first impression is that it works
I have the same issue on US-144. Had formatted and re-installed Mavericks and the problem still persists. Input works, but out put does not work.

Does US-322 driver work on US-144??? ;)
Or any other solution...

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