US-366 / MAC OS X 10.8.4 problems with REAPER and CUBASE LE


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Jan 4, 2014
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us-366 dr-680
I recently purchased TASCAM US-366 and my main purpose was to record of course. Reaper`s audio device settings allow me to see US-366 which I set all drivers which is functioning very well.
Then I try to record from condenser mic (AKG C-414) which realtime functioning very well from monitors (even with this mixer panel reverbs) but recording is extremely crooked, gaps in between..: well sounds like data has some transmission problems.

Then I tried Soundflower as a input to REAPER. (of course configured input as US-366 in Soundflower). result: nothing, not even a ripple.

So then I jumped into the other solution...: CUBASE LE 6 which came with the package. After figuring out all registration process, I was able to open the program.
First you get this "project assistant" where you choose your project from icons and such. But damn mouse click does not function on this surface. Unless you press "enter" than Cubase shows its workspace but there is no way to mouse click and enable the record button or any other icon button which is crucial for this software.
(Regardless US-366` s sound input is visible from input volume graphic.) So no way to record with this software too.

Did any of you had same problem? Is this a bug problem? Why universally most used softwares does not function with US-366 at Mac (not even upgraded to Mavericks)
Hope you guys come with a solution. Or else have to send back this nice looking device.
Hi, I'm sorry I can't answer your question, but I have one for you =) Could you please tell...

Do you have some constant noise in your headphones connected to US 366?

I've just bought it and trying to understand is that a mulfunction or a standart behavior. Nobody answers, neither on this forum, nor Tascam support... - 0 answer, 44 views =(
hello. i know this thread is old but i recently picked up a us-366 and i'm having the exact same problem with reaper on my 10.7 mac. any luck getting this sorted out? i feel like i'm banging my head against the wall trying to get to the bottom of this. i also have a us-1641 which works flawlessly and with low-latency.

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