US-366 Problem with the effects


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Jul 24, 2014
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I use an US-366 to record my songs into tracks using ACID. The problem i have is that while i listen the effects (reverb) during recording whne i playback the track is flat without any effect. Any help pls?
Probably you didn´t activate properly the routing in the mixer panel, you´re just listening the returns while tracking not printing them in the actual DAW. Look at the blue lines that follow the effects chain in the Mixer panel. Refer to the manual for better understanding of effects routing and recording the effects in your DAW.
Ηi..!! exactly the same problem ....although i can hear the effects on the headphones while in recording ....but no effect printed in the recorded track !!!
I have done all the routing combination....with no positive results !!
Still no effects on recordings ...even i have installed 2-3 times the drivers and the new firmware
Any help pls !!!
Hi Kostas ! if you find a solution please do not forgtet to post it here. Needless to say that i will do the same !
Also ......i did change the samping rates 44..48...192........but result !!
I am currently at 48 khz.....which can be used simultaneοusly one effect and one dynamic!!
Still no result !!

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