US1800 possible driver problem.


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Dec 2, 2013
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US 1800
Hello all, just got a US1800 and the drivers only show stereo pairs, 1,2 3,4 etc.

This makes it impossible to record mono tracks and use panning to get it where I want. A vocal goes far left or right and nothing to do about that.

Is that all I can do with this box? It makes it near impossible to record a band where I need individual mono tracks and the ability to put them where I want, left to right, middle, whatever.

Is this is for the 1800? If so, it is useless to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

I loaded the drivers, and the Cubase LE5 (pretty useless it seems) and Sonar 8 onto a new Toshiba laptop running win 7 (it originally came with 8 but I hated it so had a guru uninstall that and go back to 7) with 4 gigs of ram, DVD burner, 500 gb hd, dual core AMD.

Also would like info on the best settings for sound recording with the laptop, any tricks that lowers latency? Right now the best I can do with Sonar 8 is 5.8 milliseconds and with Cubase about 11. I can hear the 11 ms one pretty clearly.
but when I run the fastest with sonar 8, sometimes the audio engine locks up, starting it again starts ok that time. Any help here? Thanks.

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