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Feb 25, 2014
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Tascam US2000
Hello, I ordered and received a brand new Tascam US2000. I loaded the driver CD as instructed in the manual & on the screen prompts on a 2010 HP running XP 2010 Windows 7. I did not load the Cubase as I prefer my Adobe Audition.

First test: I connected a AKG Perception 100 Cordial Mic to input 8 and turned on the phantom power for input 8. And I connected a Sure SM57 to input 7 with no phantom power (both inputs are on the front of the unit). It shows a signal when recording. But, when I play back the recording I get a high pitched odd fuzzy playback.

I've tried plugging into the rear side of the tascam and received the same exact results.

I've tried reloading the drivers and repeating the test with the same negative results.

I've tried installing the US2000 on a Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop. Same result.

I've tried installing the US2000 on a HP Pavilion Desktop. Same result.

That's 3 computers with the same end result.

2010 HP Laptop Elitebook Work Station
Dell Inspiron 1545
HP a320a Desktop

Did I buy another Tascam LEMON?

I sent the Tascam US1800 back a month before this purchase as it did not respond after loading the drivers on the HP Elitebook & tried the HP Desktop. Now It's been a month since I bought this US2000 and It seems no matter what I do, it does the same thing. Did I receive another bad unit from Tascam?

My old M-Audio Delta 66 was awesome compared to tascam.

Can anyone help or suggest anything? I tried everything I can think of.

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