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Nov 30, 2012
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OK, Due to some recent issues I have had with exporting my tracks via USB (tracks showing up on computer with no audio) I have done some research and it appears that my model of the 2488 has a bug which creates a problem for exporting tracks with punched in audio. Does anyone have experience with this problem? Furthermore, I have been advised to re-record those tracks onto new tracks and export them individuallly. Will this work? if so, what are the steps involved in re-recording track(s) onto a new one? I could use my metronome track (track 1) to mule these tracks onto my computer. HELP!!

The issue that you describe was present on the MK I version of the 2488 only, The issue occurred when you edited a song in any way and the 2488 lost track of where the various parts of the edit were located. The fix for the problem was a firmware update that kept the problem from recurring.

The firmware update doesn't fix the files that are already recorded and exhibit the problem. To fix that you need to bounce your tracks to a new track and save them. The new bounced tracks will work fine when you export them. Notice I said Bounce....not clone. If you clone the tracks, you will just clone the problem.

The 2488 manual describes how to bounce tracks on the machine. Do a one to one bounce on each seperate track and you will have the result that you are looking for.

Hope this helps.
Thanks Keith, Bouncing the tracks worked perfectly, it really saved my life! I do have a follow-up question. Now that I updated the software, will I be able to avoid this problem in the future?? thanks again
The answer is yes, any new project that you start will not have the problem after you update the firmware. Anything that was started and edited before the update will need to get the bounce treatment.

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