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Will Miho

Oct 9, 2012
Gear owned
DM4800 DM24
In firmware update 1.50, Tascam introduced the "User defined layer" for the DM4800, which allows you to mix and match various audio, groups and control faders on a single layer. The update notes attached here detail it's use.


  • DM4800_Release_Notes_Firmware_1.50.pdf
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Never seen this document before. Cool. In here there is a way to make a UM1000 give it's own metering in remote controll. The UM1000 does not have an indicator for REMOTE... So when all lights are off... You are (when setup through this document) in remote controll and now with a working meterbridge).

The way I allways advocated it was to set the meterbridge to the returnchannels and not to work with channelswitching. So now metering would be possible at all layers... But some things would be missing... Esp. when switching layers.. Now the UM1000 can support layer switching and you can see meters in remote...

Thanks Will. Where did you track this one down?
Well I forget where I saw this first Muziekschuur. One thing about all the Tascam gear is firmware update notes contain operational instructions that the update adds, so to have a complete operational Manual you need the notes from every single firmware update.
This is what I was looking for too! (MU1000 metering in Remote)
Tried the manual and added User defined Layer like described, but I can't activate it: there's an X in front of M MMC Full in the DM-screen.....
I have firmware 1.70, but I guess the description in the PDF is the same as 1.50
Can someone help me with this?
(Btw: I'm on an 8 core Mac/OSX 10.6.8/Cubase 6.5/DM3200)

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