using a 788, connected to a 2488 neo


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May 21, 2013
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Hello. Happy to see the forum is once again active.

I have used both 788, & for the past 2 years the neo.
Have had problems w/my unit in terms of sounds; panning, etc.
(track 1&2 are hot, others lacking. Panning lacks focus, definition).
I have used it quite a bit in spite of the problems. cannot be without unit.
Used the 788 for 10 years. I was thinking of trying to use it for the effects, as i like
5 guitar sounds. and i also used 'smiley curve' for my vocals w/a rodes 1 mic, and really liked it.
The neo my unit at least is inferior in this regard. I was thinking of going thru the 788 for the guitar sound, & or mic sound, into the 2488. I am not technically inclined. Can anyone assist me in if this is possible, and what type of cord do i use, and which outputs/imputs.

I have several pedals, and also 2 vox tonelab units. Find them lacking as well. A casino-lennon model. sounded amazing on the 788. cannot get a good sound on the 2488, and even a johnny a gibson is lacking, whereas on the 788 really rocked. I don't want to come off as a complete idiot. as i said i used the 788 for 10 years, in that time recorded over 500 songs, so i do instinctively know my way around. I know how to write, record, etc, but not in a learned fashion. I want to see what this set up sounds like.
Any advice greatly appreciated.
The 788; mixing, eq capabilities are not up to snuff. i tried to have it fixed at a well known, formerly excellent repair service in ny, (400.00). they messed it up a bit. I purchased another, however, same problem. Probably needs a complete overhaul> but the functions i would require are functioning.


Have you thought about recording your guitar and vox onto the 788 and then transfering the wav files over to the Neo?

Or use the 788 as a "pre amp" and send the output into a track on the Neo - not difficult to do - just put a cable from the outs of the 788 into a channel on the Neo.

yea, that is what i was talking about. pre amp. which outs do i have to use on 788
and which ins on 2488. sorry for being idiotic.
Try the stereo outs from the 788 and go into any of the in's on Neo - A to H.

have tried setting it up as you mentioned. the 788 operates as a preamp, but just w/one setting.

i have tried using the effects, and nothing comes thru to the 2488. tried adding aux output from 788 into 2488; stereo send, or ananlgue imputs. no good.
in order to have any sound i select on 788; aux imput/stereo/sub mix.

do you know how i can utilise the effects on the 788, and have them come thru to the 2488?

thanks again,

You may need a method of amplifying the sound from the Stereo Outs. I forgot that when you send these outs to a speaker they need an amp between the speaker and 788 - this might be why you cannot hear what you need.

If you have a small pre-amp that you could use then try that - be careful with your volume settings though. I am also not sure about the quality of the signal doing it this way....


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