Using a Virtual Console or tape machine plugin with DM 4800?


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Mar 29, 2013
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I need some advice on how the sonics with the DM 4800 will mesh with these mixing tools.

I presently have Ozone 5 advanced for my mastering and mixing.
In addition I have Pro Tools plugins

As you know, the Ozone 5 suite has a lot of "warmth/saturation" emulations (tube,tape diode, etc). Does this nullify the need to get something like a console emulation plugin and a tape emulation plugin?
Re: Using a Virtual Console or tape machine plugin with DM 4

They all do pretty much the same thing - add noise and/or even-order harmonic distortion - just in varying degrees or accrding to varying reponse curves. While you might prefer a given tape emulation to a given console emulator for a specific application, I can't see a good reason to stack them up.
Re: Using a Virtual Console or tape machine plugin with DM 4

I agree. I own - or have used - several types of these DSP tools. Most all the offerings I've tried or demo-ed do very little to help an otherwise balanced mix or track. Nowdays, whenever I see the word 'warmth' or 'tube [insert adjective here], I become immediately suspect.

That said, I'm a big fan of Ozone5; I just finished mastering a client's album using it, and I'm fairly impressed with the application. However, it's VERY easy to screw things up with this package - particularly when too many of the features are
(ab)used or employed when they needn't be. This goes double for the 'Harmonic Exciter', 'post EQ' elements, and many of the 'mastering presets.' There should be a warning on Ozone's main menu: 'CAUTION! LESS IS MORE!!!"

Woops. I digress. :)

Re: Using a Virtual Console or tape machine plugin with DM 4

I agree! I'm just now learning the art of compression, so I try to touch that module as little as possible. I will say that it has improved the sound of my music A LOT and I'm just beginning to get the hang of it. I fell asleep last night, watching tutorials on it.
Re: Using a Virtual Console or tape machine plugin with DM 4

That being said, sometimes you can get nice results by putting virtual console plugs on each channel in your DAW and mixing through the associated VC master.
Easily done within the DM4800 and your DAW.
Slate and Waves have very good setups for this.
It can change the whole sonic landscape of the Tascam.
Re: Using a Virtual Console or tape machine plugin with DM 4

Questions: How does a virtual console differ from a "tape emulation, tube, etc" emulators and what happens when do you stack them? I did see a video where this expert uses both. But how much is too much or is there some way they all fit together? Bear in mind I do very little "live" recording.
Re: Using a Virtual Console or tape machine plugin with DM 4

First, I agree with Waterstrum; console plugs (virtual strips) are invaluable for sonic sculpting and artistic effects. I would, however, separate these apps from individual, task-specific DSP tools like 'tape saturation,' etc.

A 'virtual console' is simply that: an emulated mixer with features similar to a hardware version. Essentially, it overlays/inserts the DAW so that characteristics like compression, EQ and presets which interract together, can be applied to the raw signal to alter its character. For example, in Protools 10, you've got the Eucon Strips which were fashioned closely after the Eucon desk protocol. These can be helpful for certain things - to change the attack envelope of a snare, or - for that matter - including an entire drumkit in a compression bus. I've used it for De-Essing, and to crispen up rhythm guitar tracks. And that just scratches the surface.
That's just one small example; these days, there are - what - hundreds?

Something to think about: If you run your DAW digitally through your DM, and add nothing to the signal chain in the DM (eq, compression, efx), keeping all the DM faders at unity gain - you're essentially mixing IN THE BOX. What goes in - comes out virtually the same way. So, by treating DAW channels with virtual DSP, you're accomplishing the same thing as you would if there were no DM in the chain whatsoever. Therefore, you've got a vast pallet at your disposal - either applying DSP in the DAW domain, and/or - adding additional tools in the DM signal flow.

Re: Using a Virtual Console or tape machine plugin with DM 4

I did a lot of reading on the slate plugin and the only thing that keeps me from getting it or waves Redd is whether they will be AAX 64 ready. I'm moving over to PT 11 and I don't want to buy anything that won't work on it. So, I'm going to email both Sate and Waves to get an answer on their AAX intentions.

If this console software really works and essentially turns my DM 4800 into a virtual analog console, then I can see it becoming one of my most important plugins other than Ozone.
Re: Using a Virtual Console or tape machine plugin with DM 4

Ah yes - PT11. I'm considering that too. 64bit, AAX, etc etc. Then again, I worry that my favorite RTAS instruments will go by the wayside - unless - the manufacturers are planning a no-cost cross grade. I had to sacrifice a few VSTis when I abandoned Steinberg for Avid. Won't go through that again.

Sometimes, digging in and saying 'No!' beats saying 'Yes!' and paying through the nose accordingly.

Re: Using a Virtual Console or tape machine plugin with DM 4

That's exactly what I'm trying to avoid. The only thing worse than the concerns Capt mentioned is making a RECENT purchase of a plugin that won't work on PT11. I did some reading and Slate made it clear he was working on the PT11 compatibility thing. Waves said the same thing too. Now I need to read up on Izotope and hope they are on it. I also like the way Waves REDD looks. I'm not sure if I'm going to get more than one emulation plugins, but it's a possible candidate only because If I buy the kramer tape plugin and I'll get a 100.00 voucher and can buy. The only thing is that I'm not sure I'll need the tape plugin unless it does something more than the Izotope stuff I have that all have built in "warmth" emulations (tape, diode, tube, etc).

The signal flow for my plugins would be something like this:

Console channel strip emulation>Virtual instrument>channel strip>Console emulation channel strip> tape emulation. (emulations over emulations LOL).

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