Using an external mic preamp into Tascam DR-07X Line Input???


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Feb 27, 2024
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DR-07 mkii
Hello Tascammers!
I'm a little lost, y'all...
I need to use the 1/8" line-in on the DR-07X to record from an external mic preamp's line-out and I don't know what some of the units being flung around actually mean in terms of setting levels, and I don't want to just wing it. I need to set the output of the preamp and the input of the recorder for minimum noise. The DR-07X manual says it has a "Max Input Level for Mic/Line Inputs: -4 dBV". The line out from the mic pre says its "Nominal output signal levels is 0dBu into 600Ω, and maximum output signal level is >+21dBu into 600Ω. Output impedance is 100Ω unbalanced, 200Ω balanced. The output is tip HOT." I wish I knew what that meant.
Is there a non-haphazard way I should be dialing in proper levels?
THanks, nerds!

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