Using external effect send and return

paul brightman

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Mar 18, 2013
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tascam 2488
Hi strugling to work out how to use external effects ....According to the manual a send from either loop 1 or two effects unit then back in via any input .....was using a compresssor gate and a multi effects unit ....Didnt seem to be going right was getting nasty feedback and a really weak effects signal ...any ideas am i missing something simple
cheers paul
Hi, you don't described how you have this all wired up....

You need to have the "return" going to another track - not the one you are sending the signal from, otherwise you set up a feedback loop. I tend to use the "pre fader" option, use the "send" dial to send the original signal out and pull the tracks fader down - that way you can just hear the effected signal on a new track


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