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Aug 11, 2014
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Since the DM4800 Firewire IO cards are back ordered by Tascam, I am considering using the Send ports of 8 of my channels to provide 8 outputs feeding my Digi002R input into ProTools. Is it possible to do that while not losing the zero latency monitoring of the input into the normal DM4800 channel signal chain? I would only Send but not Return from the digi box. This is a temporary solution until the FW card.
Yeah that should totally work. Latency free monitoring is independent of interface or DAW, since whatever comes into your desk, immediately goes out to your CR outputs or headphones.
Is the send "to the first click" pre or post DM preamps?
Make sure that this is what you want to do. The DM's channel insert jacks are still part of the analog signal path within your DM's channel pres and are wired in series. So, if there is no return path back into the insert return, then there will be no signal in your DM.
The signal path goes... Mic/Line in, preamp with gain, insert send/return, then A/D converter. If there is nothing returning back into the board from the insert (effect loop) then there is nothing going to the DM's A/D converter and therefore no signal going to the channel faders or anywhere else. So, in essence, you are simply using your DM4800 as 8 mic preamps to feed your digi002r and no other function. No monitoring either.
Thanks but I actually got it to work as described by inserting a TS cable to the first click for direct outs. I can get a post preamp pre DA converter
feed into my digi 002R but also get the signal in the DM channels for zero latency. It works perfectly. I think by inserting only to the first click, the serial chain into the channel is not broken.
Of course. I wasn't thinking about using the First Click. That wouldn't interrupt the signal. So, thanks for the reminder.

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