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Dec 27, 2012
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2488 Neo

I am fairly new to the 2488 Neo. I am able to create, save and use multi effects without a problem. For some reason, I do not understand how to use the single effect. All I am trying to do is add some reverb to the monitor, which I have done on a song by accident, and it worked nicely.

I do understand that the single effect will not be recorded as such, which is fine. I can open the single effect, change settings and save user settings. However, I cannot, at will, apply it to a new song. Forgive me if this is obvious, but I am really missing something here.

So, please, how do I use a single effect?

Thank you!
Well, I am replying to my own post. After several months of trying to figure out this simple problem, I have figured it out.

On the 2488, while in the effects send screen you must select a track (channel) to which you want to apply the single effect. My problem was that I was sometimes selecting the input, not the track. Unfortunately, this is one of many simple operations that is not made clear in the manual. Nor is it noted on the DVD.

In the end, I hope this helps someone out.

Kind Regards.....

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