Using the Busses as Headphone Cues?


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Nov 5, 2012
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DM 24
Hello all ... I have a DM 24 with an Unreadable screen.

For years I've been feeding my HEARBACK headphone mixers ( from the Aux sends on my DM 24.
The hearback has 8 channels of input and the DM 24 has only 6 Aux sends via ADAT.

I only use channels 1-8 (ADAT A1) on my board and was wondering if there's a way to assign (prefader) channels 1-8 to BUSSes 1-8 and then assign the output of those BUSSes to the ADAT out on my DM 24 to feed the HEARBACK?

I'm just trying to get a way to get more channels in to my HEARBACK for headphone cues.
Well you could set the console up as a split console.

Use CH 1-16 M/L direct out for tracking. If you have version 2 software or higher, you can record using the option " Direct Out Mode:post ADC option:" then you can eq and tweak levels without affecting what goes to recording, and when you play back the mix will sound the same since it's printed without eq, comp, etc.

Use CH 17-32 to duplicate inputs 1-16, but with outputs assigned variously to the Group busses you want to send to the HEARBACK; the Group Output busses assigned to ADAT outs.

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