Very Useful Add-On Device


Sep 25, 2012
Gear owned
DM4800 388-8 22-2
This is a programmable keypad that allows you to customize your own keystrokes, shortcuts, and macros for ANY program. You can label the button keys with the shortcut/ macro name and then it just becomes routine. Very handy for commands that are sub-menu deep without a dedicated shortcut/ keystroke. I have three separate ones - Cubase, Pro Tools, and Sibelius and I've had them for many years. I like this size, but there are smaller and larger ones. I know people like the dedicated skins and standard keyboards with the shortcuts already printed on them, but this device is very useful in its own way.

It's pretty self-explanatory. Check it out.
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Oh man this just got put on my must have list!! Thanks for sharing!

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