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Nov 24, 2013
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Hello to all.
I am wondering if the virtual tracks remain useable even if I have extracted one from the unit to DAW?
I ask because it might be that a combination of 2 takes could make the perfect track and this would seem an economical way of achieving it.
I record bands live (ish) most of the time overdubbing the singing, so a few vocals on one track hidden under one another would be perfect to analyse later, but only if I can preserve each take for later extraction.
Thanks in advance.

If this makes no sense I will try and explain better, but I think you'll get my drift.
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I have been playing around with this, you can not see the virtual tracks within the song when the DP24 is connected to the computer but you can export the track to audio depot with a bit of jiggery pockery. Suppose you have 6 virtual tracks with guitar playing the same stuff but through different amps and pedals etc and the 6 victuals are on track 3 what you do is select virtual track 1 load it go to audio depot export track 3 go back home select track 3 load virtual track 2 then again go to menu audio depot export track 3 then keep repeating this until you have all 6 victuals on audio depot. Now go to menu select USB connect up to PC open Tascam 24/audio depot and you will see 6 versions of track 3 the first one ends with 00 next 01 the 02 and so on copy and paste to your HD that you store your DAW wave files on and edit. If you want to master on the DP24 you will have to paste them back into the audio depot and import to them to different tracks.
It is a bit long winded but it does work.
That, sir, is excellent news. I had theorised in my head that this might be the case.
Not rocket science by any means, but very good news for us mortals that need to cobble vox together sometimes. Thank you for taking the time to reinforce my faith in people and technology.
No problem using the virtual tracks certainly gives you more options. I do vocals in sonar as I can use melodyne and add a bit of delay also add other tracks from the DP24 to sonar to sometimes normalize(DP24 will only normalize a stereo master track if there is an update my wish is for normalize to be in track edit as well) and to cut and copy if there is a wrong note or more likely a wrong beat it is very handy thing to be able to do. I then export the edited tracks back to the DP24 as I find the mastering on the DP24 very good especially the multiband mastering compressor plus once this is done it is ready to write to the internal CD.
I see you are from Cambridgeshire I remember going down to do a 2 week studio engineers coarse in Royston at a place called Thatched Cottage Audio in the late 80's it is no longer in existence but I had great fun there and managed to learn something which considering all the drink that was consumed in the evenings was somewhat of a miracle.

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