VL-A8 Monitor blowing fuses, HELP needed

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    Hello World, i've just bought a pair of used TASCAM's VL-A8 monitors and ONE of them is blowing fuses everytime i turn the power on or after +- 5 sec, 30sec, a minute . Just before the fuse blows i can hear a popping noise (once or twice). As i looked inside the monitors, i can see that the boards and transformator are looking the same inside (the circuits etc. are alright). First time i've connected them i set the volume to ~ 70 % on my audio interface and played some deep bass music because i wanted to test them, and the fuse blew after 2 or 3 mins. Later on i replaced the fuse, and the monitors WORKED for about 1-2h and nothing happened (i was not trying to turn them on and off when they worked!) then i went to sleep and turned them off.
    Next day morning after i turned both monitors on again the fuse blew again...

    and what it seems to me is that the when the GOOD one is OFF, the broken one works a little bit longer, because almost immediately after turning ON the good one, the broken one blows the fuse

    should i try using the time-lag fuse instead the simple one?

    is it possible that the toroidal transformator is broken just like in this topic:
    what more can i check? :(

    edit: tommorow i will post photos of electronics inside the monitor

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    Before you go through a pile more fuses you might open it up use an DVM set to resistance and find out why the fuse keep on blowing. The capacitor or other part that is shorting is not going to go away and this should have been done at fuse number 1. It doe snot matter what fuse you put in that it is telling you there is a problem inside. The more you ignore this with additional fuses the more damage that can result.