Wait time for uploading files / file size limits?

Discussion in 'Documentation and Manuals' started by Vedder9, Feb 12, 2020.

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    Feb 2020
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    Tascam 688
    Is there a wait time for uploading attachments after creating an account? I don't see anything mentioned, but am assuming that is why it tells me I cannot. It is currently telling me I don't have permission to view the page and perform that action.

    I've got a few gifts I'd like to leave for all of the 688 owners out there, but it won't let me. The account was created just a few minutes ago, so that is likely the cause. Otherwise, if I'm missing something here and just need to change a setting somewhere, let me know.

    I've got the 688 Owner's Manual, Service Manual, and 688 Schematics all scanned in at a very nice 600 dpi and even ran OCR on the two manuals so that they are searchable. As far as I could tell, the service manual doesn't even exist online, and the only scan that I've seen of the Owner's Manual is garbage.

    Also, anyone know what the limit may be for file size? The Owner's Manual clocks in at 43MB and the Service Manual is 114MB. Am I going to have issues uploading either of those?

    Anyway, once I figure out how to upload things, they are all yours.