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Jan 20, 2014
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2488 MK II
A musician in CA has sent me some .m4a files of a song he'l like me to add a track to. I've converted these files to .wav and successfully imported one of them. The second file is a problem. When I have the USB connection with my computer, I drag the .wav file to the WAVE folder of the 2488, as I did with the first one. This second.wav file, however, doesn't show up on the 2488 after I end the USB connection and attempt to add the stereo file to two tracks. I've checked several times and the file is definitely present in the WAVE folder on the 2488, when I have the USB connection.

In other words, the procedure worked fine the first time, but not the second. I can't think of anything I did differently, any ideas?
Theres a seperate folder for stereo and mono files if your using a Neo. I'm not sure but I think the mark I & II do not allow stereo wav imports.

You could split the stereo wav's and import them all as mono files. It doesn't make a difference at this stage.

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The 2488 MK II can import stereo .wav files ... the procedure is on page 78 in the manual. Both mono and stereo .wav files are imported from the same WAVE file in the FAT portion of the HDD. You did not give any indication of the file name(s) you were attempting to import. The names can be no longer than 8 characters with a max of 3 characters in the suffix (in this case .wav). The import must have two channels assigned to receive the stereo .wav info. HTH Buzz
I have a 2488 and Neo. When the file doesn't show up, you have to delete files from the fat drive. You have too many in there. There is only so much room. Best way is to use USB through the computer and open the WAVE folder from the Fat drive. I suggest you back up all those files first by either dragging the entire WAVE folder from the 2488 to you computer (Mac) or how ever you do it on a PC. Then delete the files from that folder you don't need. And make sure the wave files you are uploading don't have more than 8 letters or numbers in the name... MYVOXTK8.wav. BTW you can change the name of that file while it's in the FAT drive on your computer.

Also you can follow the above and just delete 2 or 3 tracks without adding the track that doesn't show up (don't delete that file). It will probably show up like magic when you import.

I separate edited stereo wave tracks into mono and then load them into empty stereo tracks.
I ran into a similar problem with my 2488neo.

What I discovered is the importance of confirming the bit rate of the wav file that you're attempting to upload into the Tascam. The 2488neo records at 24-bit depth with a maximum sampling rate of 48Khz and is incapable of reading a recorded file sampled above that rate, making wav files sampled at 96Khz or above effectively invisible to the system.

The short term solution in my case was to render the wav files at 48Khz on the system they had been recorded on; a Pro Tools HD rig, before uploading them into the 2488neo. The long term fix is to record at 24-bit depth and sample at 48Khz when producing with the Tascam 2488neo.

Hope that helps and all the best with your recordings.

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