What are the best and simplest digital recorders?


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Aug 7, 2013
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DP-03 digital recorder
I'd like to find out what the best and simplest digital recorders are.I'm using mine based at home for recording my own written songs.I used to use my Tascam 414 mk 11 4 track but bought a Tascam DP03.Not real happy with it.I have 1 mic and my stage piano plugged into it.

So,what brand of digital recorder do you use?
What have you used before?
What are the simplest digital recorders to use?

Interested in some feedback.

I hadnt thought about these because I never understood what they do.
I use a little Zoom H2 digital recorder for all sorts of quick takes. The quality is outstanding. You can't edit your recordings, but you could send them in to Audacity program (free) on any computer, to chop and change things as you wish. My favourite thing to use however is my Macbook, using the free Garage Band program. It does it all, and gives you hundreds of options of instruments/amps/effects . Best thing ever made , in my view.
Older post, I know, but here's what I've learned in 33 years of multi-tracking. Maybe it will inspire someone.

The more you study the manual, watch videos and use any recorder, the easier it becomes. Learning a machine can be like eating an elephant - a seemingly impossible task until you take it one bite at a time. Chew. Digest. Ask questions and be hands on, then it becomes very simple for you. That's my best advice.

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