What do the blinking light patterns on the firewire LED mean?


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Oct 15, 2012
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While my FW-1884 is still working, on occasion it does not start up correctly and instead goes into one of two patterns where the firewire green LED flashes 6 times then 4, or 8 times then 3 (I think). Does anyone have a reference for what these blink patterns mean?

I read with interest the other thread about the FW-1884 having to "warm up". Mine has never had to do this until just recently, and cycling the power several times is more important than warming up is.
I'm pretty sure the blinking led are "codes" but I have found no source that details what they mean. Somewhere there must be a factory service manual, but I have not found it.
I often have to re-boot the 1884 when my studio is at or below 60 degrees.
I always start Windows, then the 1884. The 1884 "locks" and then drops out. A few minutes later I re-boot the 1884 and all is fine.
I always questioned the notion of "warm up" but one of the service bulletins details the problems with the 5 volt rail and the capacitor "fix" for that.
I'm pretty sure that even new the "caps" used are problematic.
That may be your issue.
The good new is my 1884 works flawlessly after that initial "warm up".
Warming up solid state gear!
Who'd a thunk?
Thanks Tom. Yes, I assume these are like the POST codes from the BIOS on a PC. I just wish I knew what they were telling me.
Today, after my PC was restarted for a Windows update, I get a continuous slow blinking orange LED over the Stop button, and a cycle of 4 then 7 flashing green from the green Firewire LED.

The unit had just been working fine. I notice that the Clock and "D in" LEDs are also off, which are normally on even if the unit is not in Sync.

Thankfully no drivers appear to have changed. Thanks for replying.

What 'fixed' it was power cycling quickly!

I had tried powering down and unplugging then plugging in the firewire cable (suggested by other posts here), and powering down and waiting for 30 seconds before powering up (also suggested here). Neither stopped the blinking lights. In desperation, I power cycled quickly, and it works! Coincidence?

I'm not turning it off for any reason now.

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