Where are my digital tracks 2488?!!!


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Oct 27, 2013
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I record tracks on the 2488 and Neo. Once recorded the tracks are exported to the fat drive where I download them to my computer...

I edit and clean up the tracks, rename them and put them back in the fat drive to import. Then I reassign them to track numbers, that had existing tracks...

Here's the problem... These updated and cleaned up tracks play beautifully through the Tascam, but I may decide to replace them or move them to another track (say from track 5 to track 7). Now that I have track 5 open, I record something new on it. So now I want to export it to the fat drive to clean up, etc. But where is it? Exporting Track 5 results in exporting the original track that was there before. So now I have to search through 24 or more tracks listed in the virtual file to find the track I just recorded. I find the renamed tracks there, but the newly recorded track when downloaded as Track005 turns out to be the 'old track' i recorded over. I search all the renamed tracks and download them all to find the new recording on Track005. As it turns out I find it on Track49 (which was listed with 'as a renamed track' when I exported it) It does not have that name when I download it to my computer. It has a virtual track number of 49.

It is very time consuming to keep searching for these tracks that have been reassigned virtual track numbers, but are listed as 'renamed' tracks instead. Any suggestions? :cry:

Track 5 will always be "Track 5" no matter what you call it. When you move it to another chanel (eg 7) you are moving Track 5 into the chanel 7 strip. You replace the chanel 5 strip with a new track ie: Track 30. So now, even if you rename Track 30, it will always be Track 30 in the chanel 5 strip.

Best way to avoid the confusion is to use a track list sheet. Make sure it has the orignal track numbers and then what every you have called them

Track 01 - Gtr clean
Track 02 - Bass
Track 09 - Vox
You can now move these tracks to any of the chanel strips as wish.

HTH - Zeek
Forgot to say - when you inport from the PC - you use a new track
So exporting track 5 makes a copy of track 5. When you inport it you now use a new track eg, track 30. So you have a copy of your original and your new cleaned up version.
Thanks Zeek for the advice…

However, when I import the cleaned up track, I pick a virtual (holding) track number to place it in, which is usually after Track no 24, i.e. TRACK 25… The actual name of the track might be MYVOX010.wav. Then I will assign MYVOX010.wav to say TRACK 5. But in reality sitting in TRACK 5 is GTRTKE09.wav. which gets bounced to a virtual track (number to be guessed). So if later on if I wish to retrieve GTRTKE09, when I select it by name to export to the fat drive, I will get TRACK005 instead, which is not GTRTKE09, it's the original track recorded in TRACK 5. If I record over Track 5, I can't find the new track i just recorded to export. If I pick TRACK005.wav to export it's not the new recorded track it's the original first recording. That is what the problem is.

Note: I may have ten revisions of the guitar track so there are a lot of tracks in virtual.

My thoughts would be to first assign your "empty" track to the channel strip you want it to end up on. ie put Track 25 onto channel strip 5, then import your track. Hopefully you will have your new imported track sitting in the channel strip you want it to be in.

Can I suggest (and forgive me if you know this) that you make sure you understand the difference between a "Track" and a "Channel Strip"
The Neo has the ability to record up to 250 tracks, but you only have 18 channel strips to use. 12 mono and 6 stereo. You can place up to 24 tracks into these channel strips for playback. The way I got my head around this was to say " on Channel strip 1 I have Track 30 which I have name Bass gtr"

When you swap tracks on a channel strip you can assign what ever track you like as long as it is not already sitting in a channel strip.

When you name tracks within the Neo and then send them for export, the name you have given your track does not appear in the Fat drive, the Neo takes it back to the original name eg "Track 01" etc. Once exported to your PC, you can rename the .wav file. You can import this renamed file and the Neo will assign the name to the track number you assign it to. eg, myvox imported to track 24. If you tried to export this track the Neo would tell you it is exporting track 24, not myvox.

If you are making several different versions of the one instrument onto different tracks then I strongly recommend a track list sheet as described earlier.

My best friend is the track list sheet, because I know what track number I have named (and any comments about that track ie good take, bad, with FX, without FX etc) The track sheet does not tell me which cannel strip they are placed on, this is on a seperate sheet for mixing.


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